About Me

Hey, I'm Jοry. Full-time product/ux designer, part-time illustrator, and an erstwhile beekeeper. I live in San Francisco, where I share a small studio apartment in the Tenderloin with a tiny dachshund named Hex, and something like 20+ house plants.  Gay, 30s, he/him; plant queen, seiðmaðr, purveyor of signs, sigils and sundry subtle shapes. 

I currently work full time in the designing web experiences at the intersection of vernacular histories and genetics. In my free time I like to draw. Witch vibes abound.

I began keeping a blog — remember plain-old blogging? — in the summer of 2000 — it was built on an ad hoc CGI script, and lumbered along until Blogger came along. From there, I transferred it to Movable Type, then to Cargo, then Tumblr and now here. Things are a bit fractured as far as entries go: with major life changes comes a need to self-censor a little. The title of this site comes from the Kalevala; it's "a circumlocutory epithet for a specific spirit that is never directly named there.¹

In terms of what I'm doing here, specifically — I'm trying to just keep a journal going, and write for me; not for any sort of audience, perceived or otherwise. So things will probably be ramble-y, and awfully prosaic and emotional and personal. But, if you want to read along, the more the merrier! You can reach out to me here or on twitter or instagram or whatevs. I am around is what I'm getting at.

Books I've read this year:

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Last but not least, all content on this here boondoggle is authored/created by me, unless otherwise noted; the views on this blog do not represent the views of any of my various employers; don’t be a dick with copying; you know the drill. Rameses! Colossus!