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About Me

I’m JDH, a modern rýnster and tietäjä, currently based in the Bay Area. Culturally, my work is rooted in the traditions of the people of the Northern and Baltic Seas. I am available for work including readings, ristings, or more complex sigil & ritual work. I am a formally trained draughtsman and designer and a born craftsman.

To book a consultation or to commission custom work, please visit my contact page, and I will be in touch as soon as possible.

As a fun diversion, I maintain a small curated newsletter at The House on Hens Legs — it’s an occult potpourri from around the web, organized into decks of nine, featuring links to esoteric ephemera, striking images and other desiderata. You can subscribe there, or just browse around.

Statements & disclaimers:

Queer and argr, all pronouns are acceptable to me, each inaccurate as the next. I’m not Ásatrú, heathen, nor pagan; I claim no guild. To the “volkish” and “traditionalists” I state unequivocally: white supremacists can die; painfully and soon — until then may they wander, neither finding frith nor fortune — hér set ek upp þessu níði - ᚦᚦᚦ.